Stainless Steel Castings, Duplex Stainless Steel Castings and Specialty Steel Castings

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  1. We offer a full range of carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless Steel, and duplex stainless: In a size range of 200 to 35,000 lbs, our manufacturing flexibility supplies a wide range of configurations and specifications for the varied requirements within the Energy market.
  2. We recognize that Energy markets have very demanding specifications and customer inspection points: We are certified to produce high pressure and other specialty castings for ASME Nuclear, US Navy, ISO 9001-2000, and numerous highly specific requirements.
  3. Experience, Experience, Experience...: Our journeyman pattern makers, foundry process engineers, mold makers, cleaning room staff and inspection personnel speak the language of Energy markets. In addition to our in-house NDT facilities and Level III certified Inspectors for MPE, LPE, UE, and RE, we have a fully staffed Linatron facility in our Atlas, Tacoma WA business unit.
  4. "From Engineered Concept to Finished Product": We are a full service steel casting supplier to OEM companies with robust engineering and technical support, pattern construction, nondestructive testing, machining, fabrications & coatings.

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