Bradken's Marine and Naval steel casting capabilities include: full service steel foundries and machining facilities, with a longstanding reputation for manufacturing the most complex engineered steel castings in the world. Our foundries provide a comprehensive range of Castings, Cast/Fabrications, and Machining for OEM customers in the global energy market.


From engineered concept to finished product, we provide value to our customers by manufacturing high quality, complex engineered castings in a full range of materials and weighing over 55,000lbs (25,000kg).

  1. Marine Steel Casting Qualifications: ABS, DNV, LLOYDS, NAVSEA
  2. Differentiated ability to produce Propeller Steel Castings
  3. Today, as a supplier of nuclear submarine components and municipal nuclear power castings, Bradken utilizes advanced computer technology to optimize casting design.
      marine1 Propeller Gearbox

    Our sophisticated manufacturing process, experience and focus on customer satisfaction; combine to create solutions for today’s most rigorous casting and machining requirements.

    • Linatron x-ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5”. BRADKEN┬« has extensive experience with heavy section, high specification steel castings.
    • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) refined alloys result in clean material with excellent mechanical properties.
    • Assisted engineering (Fabrication to casting conversions, Improving castability)
    • Patterns and tooling
    • Carbon/stainless and specialty steel castings
    • Certified ASME nuclear material manufacturer
    • Machining and value added services


    • Welders certified ASME, Sec IX, AWS D1.1, FCAW, GMAW, SAW, GTAW, SMAW
    • ISO9001, API610, 8C and 2SC, ABS marine steel castings, MMPS No. 5165, ASME QSC-2004, ASTM, NACE, MR0103, MR0175, DNV



    Alloy Steel Castings

    Stainless Steel Castings

    Duplex Steel Castings

    Corrosion Resistant Castings

    Foundry Pattern Equipment and Tooling

    Ductile Iron Ni-Resist

    Propeller Castings


    Bow Stems

    Deck Bolsters

    Cast Steel Gear Cases

    Propulsion Steel Castings

    Cast Marine Components

    Machining of Steel Castings

    Anchor Steel Castings

    Marine Steel Lifting Hooks

    Marine Cast Steel Deck Components

    Offshore Marine Castings

    Military (Navy) Steel Castings

    Mooring Steel Castings

    Oil Platform Castings

    Naval Compressor Castings

    Oil & Gas Steel Castings

    Oil Tool Steel Castings

    Steel Castings for Ships

    Nuclear Naval Steel Castings

    Cast Dredge Components

    Steel Castings for Dredge Applications

    Steel Castings for Boats

    Structural Steel Castings

    Marine Valve Steel Castings

    Naval Turbine Steel Castings

    Marine Pump Steel Castings

  1. We offer a full range of carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless Steel, and duplex stainless: In a size range of 200 to 35,000 lbs, our manufacturing flexibility supplies a wide range of configurations and specifications for the varied requirements within the Energy market.
  2. We recognize that Energy markets have very demanding specifications and customer inspection points: We are certified to produce high pressure and other specialty castings for ASME Nuclear, US Navy, ISO 9001-2000, and numerous highly specific requirements.
  3. Experience, Experience, Experience...: Our journeyman pattern makers, foundry process engineers, mold makers, cleaning room staff and inspection personnel speak the language of Energy markets. In addition to our in-house NDT facilities and Level III certified Inspectors for MPE, LPE, UE, and RE, we have a fully staffed Linatron facility in our Atlas, Tacoma WA business unit.
  4. "From Engineered Concept to Finished Product": We are a full service steel casting supplier to OEM companies with robust engineering and technical support, pattern construction, nondestructive testing, machining, fabrications & coatings.& tooling.
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